Art Shegonee: Native American

Shegonee is a Native American ambassador to Wisconsin Indian Summer and Call for Peace Drum & Dance Company.  He is a member of the Menominee and Potowatomi tribes in Wisconsin, and his name is Canasa (Little Golden Eagle).  As a member of the wolf clan, he is a traditional dancer in pow-wows throughout Wisconsin.  He has performed as lead dancer for the Native American Music award-winning (NAMMY) Native American Contemporary Brulé, as head male dancer for the University of Wisconsin-Madison pow-wow, as well as with folk singer Bill Miller and musician Michael Jacobs.  Shegonee has served as the Affirmative Action consultant for Tellurian UCAN, and as director of the former Native American Resource Center.  He is also a certified instructor of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention for the National Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc., a former member of the EOC Citizen Ad Hoc Committee on community race and ethnic relations and a member of the Greater Madison Leadership (LGM).  Shegonee has also acted in several film productions, including Rush for Grey Gold.  Honored for his continued commitment to Native American education, in 1995 the Wisconsin Historical Society honored Shegonee by including his image in their permanent exhibit, “People of the Woodlands: Wisconsin Indian Ways,” examining the history of Native American culture.  He has been a cultural consultant, teacher and presenter at over 300 schools throughout Wisconsin and neighboring states.  Shegonee joined Call for Peace as a founding member and lead male traditional Native American dancer in 1990.

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