April, 2007: "Peace Week " University of Puerto Rico (U-PR) and U-PR, Cayey, Puerto Rico
April, 2006: Madison Sesquincentennial, Wisconsin State Capitol; Included in Madison's Time Capsule, Overture Center for the Arts Madison, Wisconsin www.overturecenter.com
September, 2005: National Newspaper Association at the Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin http://mam.org

September, 2004: "Opening Invocation" Overture Center for the Arts Madison, Wisconsin www.overturecenter.com

November, 2003: Performed an Honorary Nobel Performance at the 4th Global Summit for the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates at Teatro dell Opera, hosted by the Gorbachev Foundation and Mantova, Italy Rome, Italy www.nobelforpeace-summit.org
May, 2003: International Rotary District 6250 Conference, Monona Terrace Convention Center Madison, Wisconsin www.rotary.org
September, 2002: "Opening Performance" 5th Annual Native American Music Awards at the Marcus Amphitheatre Milwaukee, Wisconsin www.nammys.com
June, 2002: "Opening Invocation" The United States Conference of Mayors at Monona Terrace Convention Center Madison, Wisconsin
January, 2002: Opened the Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebration at Madison Civic Center Madison, Wisconsin www.thekingcenter.com

July, 2001: Opened the 60-Year Anniversary Celebration of Church Women United at the Midwest Convention Center Milwaukee, Wisconsin www.churchwomen.org
Dr. Naomi Nontombi Tutu, daughter of Desmond Tutu

December, 1999: Performed a historical "Millennium Celebration" to honor the past and imagine the future at the Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
March, 1998: Performed "Dancing the Dream for
the Children of the World" in Tel-Aviv and in front
of the Israel Museum, home of the Dead Sea
Scrolls, in Jerusalem, Israel
July, 1997: Opening for the Monona Terrace
Convention Center designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
Madison, Wisconsin www.mononaterrace.com
Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect
June, 1996: Performed in the Lenin Memorial
Concert Hall and was hosted by mayors in six
cities along the Volga River by invitation of the
Russian Ministry of Culture Russia
October, 1995: Performed for the 125th Birthday
Celebration for Mahatma Gandhi by invitation of
Arun Gandhi, Gandhi's grandson. Milwaukee,
Wisconsin www.gandhiinstitute.org
Dr. Arun Gandhi and grandfather, Mahatma
April, 1995: Performed at the 25th Anniversary of
Earth Day in the Madison Civic Center, which
brought together the children and grandchildren of
Gandhi, King, Chavez and Black Elk. Madison,
Wisconsin www.earthcharter.org
August, 1993: Closed the 100-Year Parliament of
World's Religions (featured on award-winning
documentary Peace Like a River) following the Dalai Lama's presentation at Grant Park Chicago,
Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

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